Training and nutrition:

To me workout is a state off mind and way off life!!

I took workout seriously right from the beginning at 1988, so there was a point, when I said to my friends at gym that after 2 years I’ll compete and it really happened so. I can say that lots has changed since those days, so the best to me has been by trial and error how I have learned all about workout and nutrition and how those will fit to my needs, when I learned to know my body inside out and how it reacts to different kind of situations.

It is easy to make plans for nutrition and your workout by the basis off your needs and your goals and also how much time you can use weekly for your workouts etc. There are so much various ways to do workout and make it suitable and interesting as long as you’ll keep doing it. It is good to change time to time your routines at gym, like sets, reps and combine movements to super sets and all these will help you to shape your body, gain muscle or loose weight.

All little details matters but the main thing is to have the patience and joy along , so that will keep you on the road to your goals.

For those who have not yet found workout to their hobby I really want to recommend this, because it’s easy to start at any age and you will to do good for your own health and as a return you’ll get much more energy for you life and it is easy to make new friends and to experience new things and the main thing to notice your progress at gym.

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