One of the greatest moments there was to see and meet Lenda Murray , who had been one of my inspiration since I first saw photos of women bodybuilders like her, Cory Everson, Anja Langer and Juliette Bergman, so get remind me off those early years before I started and wondered how all would be and feel and it is so amazing how long the road has been from those days, but it has been worth off the hard work and sacrifice. I want to express my gratitude to my family and friends and fans all over the world, who have gave me courage, motivation and support to be at my best.

Contest history :

National level: Pohjanmaa Grand Prix 1990,1st lightweight(-52kg)
National Championship 1990,2nd lightweight
National Championship 1991,1st middleweight (-57kg)
International level: World Championship 1990 Mexico City, 7th lightweight
European Championship1991 Graz, Austria, 7th lightweight
World Championship 1991 Sevilla , Spain, 14th middleweight
World Championship 1994 Borlänge, Sweden, 4th middleweight
World Championship 1999 Sydney, Australia, 4th middleweight
European Championship 2000 Torremolinos, Spain , 2nd middleweight
Professional level: Jan Tana 2001 Virginia, USA, 3rd lightweight
Women’s Extravaganza 2001, NJ, USA, 2nd middleweight
Jan Tana 2002 Virginia, USA, 3rd lightweight
Night off the Champion 2003, NY, USA, 3rd lightweight
Night off the Champion 2004, NY, USA, 2nd lightweight
Ms.Olympia 2004 Las Vegas, USA, 3rd lightweight

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