Right from the beginning I had the feeling that this is my thing and took workout seriously, so there was appoint, when I said to my friends at gym that after two years I will compete and it really happened so!!! I noticed that my weight went quite fast and get reminded of some extra weight I ha get, so I needed to do something. A bit pressure outside made me do this and timing just matched what I said about competing.

The first competition I took part was our National Championship at 1990 and I was a 2nd lightweight category and I was so happy to take part to World Championship in Mexico City 1990 right after that first competition and became 7th at same categories. I saw there that long and hard work ahead.

A lot has happened since those days, so here are some highlights off my competitive career that has been at The European 2000 in Torremolinos, Spain, where I was 2nd at middle weight categories and get my first silver medal, which gave me the opportunity to become a pro and make one dream come true!!!

So the best off all has been these year’s from 2001 and the most rewarding year and the real dream came true was 2004, when I qualified to Ms.Olympia and all experiences I had before and after that will beat all I have had so far and I never forget those great feelings I felt, so no wonder why I get tears of joy to my eyes, when I was 3rd in lightweight and among top 3 . There is a special place in my heart to this achievement and I am grateful off it.


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