I live in Finland and I was born here in Tampere 1968. I try to combine
things that I like and I can do and I will do all my best to achieve my goals and to think positively
no matter what the situation is, like if there will be storm I will go through it.

I do personal training and all other future projects will connect to this field off sport, so I hope to
make them all in real, even those will take time. I am already happy to have visibility here on the
web at ftwebcam.com and through my web site I hope to reach all off my fans!!

Through this sport I found one passion I have had years, so I love to create and I turned it to fashion and during diets I started to make clothes, when found it relaxing. Some off those outfits you may
have seen on photos and here on my site I will show you more.

I have always been interested outdoor activities and younger I did a lot off all kinds off ball games and running, riding a bicycle was and still is a big part of my activities.

I love nature, so no difficulties to go out for a walk, even it is rainy or cold winter season.

I was 15 years of age, when I first joined to one sport club and I became track field athlete (sprinter), because my teacher at school advised me to do so, when I run so fast. I guess I should thank her for this, because those times I found my true interest off weightlifting, which we did as part off training. I took also some tennis lessons at one tennis course and get also advised to join to tennis club. Who knows what would have happen? I guess I would have been too short for this too as I was for sprinter.


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